Sunday, August 25, 2013

Negros Kontra Korapsyon

We, concerned Negrosanons, join Filipinos all over the world in strongly condemning the evils of the Pork Barrel System and in calling for its immediate abolition.
The Pork Barrel System in the Philippines has clearly become the worst example of immoral and wanton use of public funds that should have resulted to real, concrete and sustainable socio-economic development especially in the countryside.
The highly discretionary and uncontrolled use of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) deprived many Filipinos of social services, infrastructure, education and other public services and support.
We are enraged by how some of our Legislators/Public Officials and Line Agency heads, in connivance with unscrupulous NGO’s and their accomplices, have perpetuated systematic plunder and deliberate abuse of the PDAF through the years.
We urgently demand not only for transparency and accountability in the use of these public funds by our government institutions, government officials and lawmakers, but likewise of equitable and wise utilization of these funds by taking it out of the discretion and control of legislators to truly finance programs that will help develop the different parts of the country.
We further call for the immediate passage of the Freedom of Information Bill to show the real meaning of "Matuwid Na Daan" where even well informed ordinary citizens can serve as vanguards of good governance.
We demand information, investigation, prosecution, conviction, punishment and restitution of all misused and abused funds to be pursued with high sense of urgency.
We stand strongly against corruption and injustice and declare this act of solidarity as a manifestation of our concern for the Filipino people.
As the ultimate "Boss", we call on all of our Public Servants to serve and fulfill their mandate.