Monday, November 16, 2015

Beginning of an End for the Paradigm of Destruction

GREEN ALERT NEGROS- Taking the fight to another level, ten volunteers journey under the scorching heat, holding their signage and spirits high, telling the world that this idiocy against Negros forests must face its end.

"It's not about the numbers. It's all about the substance."

 Walking as solid as ever, individuals from different walks of life- a doctor, student, teacher, and other concerned citizens, take the 4km protest last November 12, 2015 from Balay Bato, Marapara Heights all the way to Provincial Capitol, passing through the streets of Brgy. Bata and Lacson. Two hours of agony is nothing if for the greater good.

GAN Coordinator (right) with the youngest activist, Xylon (left)

Through the fly-over; "Let those people stare. Let them learn the thruth."

Ma. Theresa Gonzales leading the way

Robinsons, we'll just move along. This is more important than malling.

Hear us, Starbucks. Don't just sit there.
Here we go...
Look at those mused faces. Just let us breathe and we'll tell you why we're here, okay?
Maybe a photo opt, too. Concerned and standing tall for the sake of our home, for the sake of Negros.

Upon reaching the destination, it was time to pull out the position paper and let the Provincial Government know we stand against Energy Development Corp regarding the geothermal power plant in Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park and their plans on Northern Negros Natural Park. Not just pleas, but the reality. Submission of the position paper to the Governor and Vice Governor's office took place right then.

Now that we have done our part, it is up to the leaders of our province to take action accordingly.

We are in pursuit of a greener Negros where communities are resilient. This current society that we have is filled with filthy lies of development. There is no development if there is destruction of nature. True development is embracing the environment for we are all entirely dependent on it.

This fight is not for environmentalists alone. This calls for all humanity for we all breathe, eat, live and drink. At present, your involvement should not be a choice anymore. It is a must.

If the air is all haze, will you be able to create an industry without breathing? If the the island's water is chemical-filled, as an engineer, will you still be able to plan a blueprint?

Stop this paradigm of destruction! Switch to a paradigm of integrity while you still can.*

Photos by: TOI Photography/ Untoi de Asis